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advance auto parts cops to credit card theft

by:ShenHao     2020-06-21
From retail technology blog storefront backtalk: the latest retailer that reported stolen credit card data, Advance Auto Parts, admitted that the information stolen three years ago to seven years ago was not encrypted and violated basic security practices.
A senior auto parts spokeswoman told blogger Evan Schumann that most of the stolen information was old data from December 2001 to December 2004 ---
No encryption.
It should be deleted after the system is converted, but not.
Although the chain now encrypts payment data, it does not meet the Payment Card Industry Security standard PCI.
\"In the coming months, we should comply,\" the spokesman said . \".
Compliance with PCI alone is not enough to help the hanafu brothers.
The New England supermarket chain, whose credit card security has been compromised to £ 4.
There were 2 million records a month ago.
Hannaford\'s work clearly involves malware installed on servers in each store.
Retail IT expert Cathy Hotka said on Retailwire that such incidents will continue to occur.
Until retailers face music.
Hotka said in a discussion about data leakage: \"Many CIOs report that IT is difficult for them to get security funds from top management while using much less IT than other industries
\"Retail CEOs will have to decide if they really want to be protected from Russian hacking gangs and others.
\"Google Cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters disruption Harris senior Auto Parts said the credit card theft affected 56,000 customers in 14 stores in eight states ---
Out of 3,261 stores in 40 states.
But David Utter of security professional news predicts that the investigation will reveal even greater confusion.
\"We would be pleasantly surprised if the violation was limited to these 14 stores,\" he wrote in his insider coverage column . \".
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