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by:ShenHao     2020-06-27
Nov 19 (Reuters)-
Senior auto parts company: Fiona Dias, director of senior auto parts company, reports that 1,048 of the Company\'s common shares are publicly sold for $177.
54 yuan per share, November 16-SEC FILING.
Complete Article 22 (Reuters)-
Senior auto parts company: senior auto parts company said that the board of directors has canceled the standing financial committee since May 16SEC FILING.
Premium car accessories-
Since May 16, the company has also restructured the remaining committees to redistribute directors who previously served on the Finance Committee.
Article 12 (Reuters)-
Advanced Auto Parts Company: Advanced Auto Parts-
Interstate battery will be the exclusive car and specialty battery brand for co 2018 spring stores and customers.
Full ArticleNov month (Reuters)-
Senior auto parts company: senior auto parts company reported 2017 results in the third quarter. Q3 sales $2.
The price is 18 billion compared to I/B/E/S view $2. 21 billion.
Q3 adjusted earnings per share of $1. 43.
Third-quarter earnings per share were $1. 21 --
Thomson Reuters I/B/E
Advanced Auto Parts
u200dReiterated the guidance for the whole of 2017.
Advanced Auto Parts
Qtrlyu200dSales of comparable stores decreased by 3. 4%u200b.
Qtrly earnings per share advanced auto parts company $u200d1. 30u200b.
Earnings per share are $5.
Income is $9. 40 billion --
Thomson Reuters I/B/E
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