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Amazon to take on the garage: Retail giant to begin selling car parts directly to owners

by:ShenHao     2020-06-22
Amazon, the online retail giant, has made the auto parts industry the next target.
The retail giant has reached an agreement with auto parts manufacturers to expand the auto parts division of its business as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will take over the $50 billion auto parts industry.
Prior to this, investment bank Jefferies LLC released a report last year saying Amazon also provided the same service.
Daily delivery of auto parts in 40 U. S. cities is 23 cents cheaper than other major auto parts retail chains.
Scroll down to watch the video. The move will affect sales of auto parts retailers, such as senior auto parts companies. , Autozone Inc.
, Genuine Accessories Co. , Ltd.
And O\'Reilly motors.
According to the New York Post, in the past few months, Amazon has signed contracts with some of the largest auto parts manufacturers in the United States, including Robert Bosch, Dolman products and Cardone
Recently, auto parts retail chains have gained high profit margins due to the control of manufacturers.
Steve Handschuh, chief executive of the Association of Automobile and equipment manufacturers, said Amazon may also acquire regional parts dealers.
According to Wall Street analysts, Amazon\'s auto parts business is likely to grow by more than 50 this year.
Some Wall Street analysts doubt that Amazon will succeed in auto parts like books and electronics, but others take this step more seriously.
Amazon expanded its name.
Compared with other retailers, the price of branded parts is lower.
For example, a Dorman 902
407 the current cost of the auxiliary pump is $90.
There are 70 on Amazon and the same price is $124.
99 on AutoZone website
Amazon is able to do this because other retailers are trying to make deals with foreign private businesses.
Manufacturer of label parts.
This makes parts retailers more profitable, but local parts manufacturers do not.
Executives at one auto parts maker even said it reduced the loyalty of manufacturers to these chain retailers.
Amazon even paid manufacturers 30 cents more than auto parts retailers.
An executive at a major auto parts supplier told the Post: \"This is a classic turning point.
Most of us now sell products directly to Amazon.
According to The Post source, Dorman was the first part manufacturer to sign a contract with Amazon
In addition to the Standard Motor Products, there are many other products.
Last year, Fiat Chrysler teamed up with Amazon to start selling cars online at a third cheaper price than elsewhere.
At present, only Amazon users in Italy are able to buy cars online through discounts on Amazon.
Limited to three-
500, Panda and 500L.
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