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American Car Parts Makers Gain in Russia

by:ShenHao     2020-06-13
Critics of the Obama administration\'s unfreezing of foreign policy to Russia say it did not yield any concrete results.
But a visiting US trade delegation this week is promoting economic benefits.
Over the past year, U. S. auto parts exports to Russia have doubled.
Even as compared to the overall growth in US exports to Russia, sales are staggering, with the Commerce Department saying Russian exports grew by about 40% last year, partly due to a rebound in trade after the recession.
Aerospace and software companies are also doing a good job.
Reset supporters point to the recent billions
The US dollar joint venture between Exxon Petroleum, the nation\'s largest oil company, and Russian state-owned oil company Russian Petroleum, is another economic return for the policy.
Most of the American auto parts exported to Russia are put into new cars at assembly plants set up earlier by Ford, GM or European or Japanese competitors.
But after-sales are also rising.
Reflecting the significant achievements of washers, Fender and headlights manufacturers, Michelle O\'Neill, deputy commerce minister in charge of international trade, led a delegation of 13 auto parts enterprises to the Russian capital and two manufacturing areas.
Advertisement for \"Russian people like American cars\"O’Neill said.
\"We think there are very good opportunities for growth.
\"It is expected that this summer, with the support of the United States, AdvertisementRussia\'s accession to the World Trade Organization will require Russia to gradually eliminate the local content rules of automobile assembly plants and further expand the potential market.
However, Congress must first grant Russia the status of permanent normal trade relations by abolishing the Cold War.
Era regulations aimed at liberating immigrants from religious minorities
Before American companies took full advantage of the new rules, the Vanik amendment.
For many years, economists have pointed out that Russia and the United States have relatively few direct trade compared with the economies of Russia and the United States --
The legacy of superpower confrontation and politics today.
To improve economic relations, as part of the reforms proposed by President Obama in 2009, the Commerce Department set up a trade committee with Russia.
Members identified auto parts as a potential market and worked to remove barriers to US exports.
\"This is a key effort by the Obama administration to deepen business and economic relations,\" she said.
O\'Neal said in an interview in Moscow on Monday.
\"This is one of the fruits of labor.
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Auto parts sales rose to $125, the Commerce Department said.
It was $3 million in 2011.
2010 3 million.
Matthew Edwards, director of the ministry\'s trade office with Russia and other former Soviet Union countries, said ordinary trade in items like auto parts is often overlooked.
\"Everyone likes to fly,\" he said . \"
\"But a lot of deals are going on at a less sexy level.
Hoosier of Indianapolis is a company ready to sell more parts to Russia.
As major manufacturers outsource more parts while assembling cars overseas, the export of component manufacturers has grown.
Oleg Gostomelsky, vice president of Hoosier, said in the delegation that advertising \"is a domino effect \".
\"Now, when Ford decided to come to Russia as it is now, it attracted a lot of companies.
Critics of the reset policy, however, said it played down Russia\'s human rights abuses and Democratic retrogression under Vladimir V, thus shifting people\'s interest in the more fundamental United States
Putin will start his third term as president on the 5 th.
Last month, at Mr.
Obama accidentally spoke to an open microphone while discussing missile defense policy with Russian President Dmitry.
Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, called Russia \"no doubt our number one.
Geopolitical enemy
\"As it happens, auto parts manufacturers are very representative in swing states such as Ohio and Indiana, and perhaps there is an explanation that comes out of careful attention to their industry.
The delegation includes delegates from Maumee Dana Holding, Ohio;
Bush Wacker in Portland, Oregon;
And the Cosmo industry of Jupiter, Florida.
A version of the article appears on page B4 of The New York edition on April 24, 2012, with the title: American auto parts manufacturers are getting a profit in Russia.
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