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car buffs\' victory may see state lose v-plates

by:ShenHao     2020-07-05
There is no doubt that Duncan Ansel likes his blue SL55 sports convertible, but it has 220 black steel fixed on its front bumper to make his car better.
His \"Vic 7\" number plate is Victoria\'s first private registered number plate with an estimated value of at least $1 million.
More than three times his Mercedes.
He will not let VicRoads plan to lower its value by imitating his precious number plate.
Mr. Ansel, along with the group that beat up business owners and other plate collectors Martin Stone, began legal proceedings against VicRoads as it planned to release a series of similar \"V-series\" plates.
The new plate is handmade.
Manufactured, coated with the same glass glaze as traditional products and with the same white numbered style and the same brass eyelets.
The main difference is that they have a \"V\" and a white panel, while the traditional plates are black and only \"VIC \".
Original Heritage section
One, two, three digits
Not just the status symbol of gasoline-
The elite of Melbourne.
The rarity of these platforms, combined with their historical significance, has led to serious investment.
The VIC 1 Owned by former foster and Coles Mel boss Peter batter is said to be worth $2 million.
Earlier this month, lower Vic 390 won $101,000 at auction.
They were shocked when Mr. Ansel and Mr. Stone saw the advertisements of vicolus auctioning these similar license plates.
They worry that the release of a series of counterfeits could halve the value of their heritage sector overnight.
Mr. Ansel owns Vic 20 and Vic 7.
Mr. Stone has 15, 19 and 47 companies, and 6 more.
Number plates and six. digit plates.
Following advice from Middleton\'s intellectual property lawyer Tony Watson, the couple sought a federal court ban to prevent VicRoads from continuing to plan an auction of V-series plates.
Within two weeks Mr Annette and Mr Stone sat nervously behind the federal court, as the team of Middletons argued that the new plates looked very similar to the original and that their release would be misleading or deceptive, and the average person may confuse them.
Counsel told the court that the series would devalue the original because if a potential buyer could-Less series.
The lawyer claimed that the sale of the license plate would violate the agreement that existed when the number was issued --
In some cases, as early as 1910-
When collectors bought plates at auction
Mr. Annette purchased the 1984 auction brochure of VIC 20 boards from VicRoads to promote the 48 historical boards sold as \"valuable collectibles, providing a unique opportunity for investment \".
It says successful bidders will have \"permanent and exclusive rights\" to use the license plate identification number \".
The Middletons team also believes that, under the Trade Practices Act, vicroad\'s conduct in this matter amounts to \"misleading and deceptive \".
Mr. Ansel and Mr. Stone won the first round.
Federal Court judge Richard Tracey checked the original plates and reproductions and said, in his view,
The series plate is \"very similar\" to the traditional plate \".
He then approved the ban, forcing VicRoads to withdraw V-
Auction series.
But the real legal struggle is just beginning.
In the coming weeks, Mr. Ansel and Mr. Stone will file a statement of claim and collect additional evidence.
Two collectors will seek a permanent ban on VicRoads offering more V-
The series boards are sold and any other boards that have a similar overall appearance to the traditional ones are issued.
They will also claim compensation for losses and their own expenses.
First, they will mediate with VicRoads.
If they cannot resolve the dispute, the matter will be tried.
\"The buyers of these sectors rely on vicroad\'s statement of investment opportunities,\" Mr Watson said . \".
\"They certainly didn\'t expect VicRoads to lower the value of the assets they bought by selling such an amazing similar plate.
\"Mr Ansel and Mr Stone are calling up other heritage license plate enthusiasts and raising a $200,000 fighting fund for the case.
Tony Stephens, owner of the car wash company
Owners of five plates including Vic 27 and Vic 37-
Already on board.
Like the expert witnesses of two collectors: Mel McLennon, a broker who studies the value of the platform\'s sales, and once wrote a second book about the history of Victorian license plates.
The history of Victoria\'s first 100 plates.
■ The registration system for numbered cars begins with the 1910 automobile act.
But official license plates were not provided until 1932.
■ International centres 1 to 6 were reserved for government vehicles.
Now the VIC 7, owned by Duncan Ansel, is the first license plate for Victoria\'s private registered vehicle.
■ Former fosters Group and Coles Myer boss Peter Bartels owns VIC 1 and is now estimated to be worth $2 m ■ the Smorgon family owns VIC 2,9, last month, an anonymous UAE tycoon sold his VIC 17 for more than $250,000.
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