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car horror stories: minor repairs, major bills

by:ShenHao     2020-06-30
(AOL Autos)--
Small body scratches: $1,500.
Replacement of exhaust valve: $3,500. A new trunk-
Release switch Cover: $150.
All of this is the actual repair cost that AOL Motor Company told AOL Motor Company that these drivers took their cars to their car store and there seemed to be some minor problems but were not proportional
Unless the driver wants to fix the fault himself or buy a new car, in similar cases, most drivers have no choice but to take out cash and take it with a smile.
Or at least bite your teeth, bite your tongue, and hold back.
Let\'s take a look at some common repairs that add up to make a lot of money.
Except for bumper Deana May in Los Angeles, California --
Based on AC Auto finishing, know what surprises customers will have once they get caught in simple surface scratches or wear.
\"This is a terrible thing ---
Looks can be deceptive.
You can make an estimate of the front bumper and take it off with all sorts of damage at the back. Low-
Low configuration car
Profile tires are driving on bumps or lanes and they don\'t tilt, usually they need a brand new front end.
\"May said that they saw a lot of this problem in her store and said that in 1st day of last month a Lotus driver was quoted as $5,400 to repair his car, although from her point of view, she can\'t see anything wrong.
And she warned the danger--and costs --
Driver received wrong quotation for repair
Performance components, such as Mercedes-Benz\'s AMG or Brabus, then receive standard or inventory components in their location.
In your grille, Willie strop, president of Bill strop & Sons, California Paramount automotive engineering, said he had seen minor damage to the front of a Ford truck, eventually, huge repair costs were incurred.
AOL Autos: the Ford truck \"looks like the plastic grille in front has been damaged by a slight impact, but when we get into the grille, the housing behind the grille has been cracked all the time.
From the front of the fender, the headlights container, the new front end, everything is replaced.
In the case of \"Lotta\", you have to unplug the radiator.
It\'s not something you can do in a few hours.
\"He saw similar problems with Ford Explorers ---
Stroppe mainly works with Fords-
The pickup truck cost more than $1200.
\"It\'s not like the days when everything was steel in the past,\" he added . \".
AOL Autos: Ford Explorer also said car buyers should be aware of a lot of the practices he has seen in almost half of the time
Century of automobile industry-
A repair shop buys a repair shop for a car with a frame and housing that is in good condition but needs a lot of work in the lower part of the body, for example, its suspension.
Often, he says, an dishonest shop will get a car worth hitting the road with inferior repair work, and then sell it to an unwary buyer, when the repair work crashes, there will be huge future repair costs.
$150 stamped sign Essig, writer in a small town in North Carolina, said he was surprised to charge $150 for a local mechanic to replace the missing suitcase-
In his ten-year-
Old Mercedes CLK
While expensive repairs are not uncommon for premium European brands, Essig says this time is a icing on the cake for the $2,000 repair he expects to come in at a lower price.
He also noted that this was an additional cost that was not included in the estimates.
He said: \"It\'s part of the $2000 repair fee, including valve cleaning and braking work, my stomach is very uncomfortable and I can\'t refute it for more than $150.
Most importantly, I did not ask him to do so.
Meanwhile, Michael Russell, a friend of the Porsche 944 owner and American online car, found that he spent a lot of money on an old one.
Cars in German schools may be more expensive than he expected.
Considering the labor force, the cost of replacing the exhaust valve at $15 is $3,500.
Basically, they have to unplug the engine to get to the valve that has been burned out, which is a common disease in old performance vehicles, he said.
But he said there would be no way for him to go to work without repair.
AOL Autos: Porsche 944 Air wear when I took my wife\'s 1995 Nissan 40sx S-
Uh, last week, I went to my local mechanic to repair the air conditioner.
I had brought it into the store a week ago, where they diagnosed a leaking gasket that had decompressed the system.
So they fixed the gasket again.
Fill the system with Freon coolant and pressurize. Bill: $300.
AOL Autos: I guess, until two days later, the system started getting hot again, and Nissan wasn\'t bad with the air conditioning fix.
So it went back to the store where they took a look and told me that the other seal was broken and this time in a hard placeto-
Arriving at the scene means extra labor.
Estimated cost: $800.
When I pointed out that the original repair was during the warranty period, my mechanic agreed but argued that the different parts had failed, so the additional repair was not during the warranty period.
More attempts to bargain failed.
Result: I have $300 in my pocket and my wife has a long and hot summer to look forward (
Unless she stole my car. .
Suggestion: get a second opinion, always evaluate the integrity of the general system when replacing old componentsmodel cars.
Coolant cooling unit Ken Lavacot for online Mechanics 2 carpros.
Com says while it seems nothing is coming out of your exhaust with a little steam, it could be a sign of some serious repair costs in the future.
He said: \"The coolant is used to cool the engine during normal operation.
If the coolant is allowed to enter the combustion chamber, the engine will burn the coolant, producing white smoke and steam.
He said a range of expensive solutions, including replacement of washers.
\"If the gasket that seals the intake manifold to the cylinder head fails, it can allow the coolant to enter the air inlet and then into the combustion chamber.
In order to check this, the intake manifold needs to be removed.
\"In this case, replacing the washers and reassembling the parts is the source of most of your money.
Lavacot said that if there is a coolant in the combustion chamber and the gasket is normal, the engine must be disassembled.
He added: \"It can be tricky because it\'s hard to judge what is causing the problem.
For example: a repair shop tells you that there is a crack in the cylinder head, and when they start to disassemble, they will find that there is a fault with the intake manifold gasket.
To remind customers that there will be fewer repairs depends on the honesty of the repair shop.
Or the opposite may happen.
A repair shop tells you that your engine has a blow head washer and they will inform you that the head washer is OK once the disassembly is complete, the cylinder has been checked for pressure and no problem.
This will only cause the engine block to fail, the engine block must be replaced to fix the problem, and the cost is high.
\"My brother\'s painting Brucein-
A few years ago, when he lent his Jaguar convertible to a family member for the wedding, law got a little more than he expected.
To his shock, the car was scratched on the rear board on the driver\'s side.
Usually, a good repair shop or body repair shop can eliminate scratches at minimal cost, but the aluminum shell of the xk8 means that expensive adhesives must be used to repair scratches and the hard shell of the car is not allowed to deteriorate or warp further. Cost: $1500 (
Or enough to properly strain family relations).
His body clerk told him that he was lucky that the scratches were not deeper and were not in the other part of the car, or that the cost of repairs might double or triple, with more luxury automakers including Audi, Mercedes and BMW using aluminum, this is becoming more and more common
Shell Technology (
Take advantage of the power it adds and the lighter weight). Advice?
Get a valuation of a few paints.
Think twice about lending your Jaguar.
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