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cars can leaves stop an engine from running?

by:ShenHao     2020-07-01
My car ran badly, so I took it to the dealer and was told that the problem was caused by an air inlet blocked with pollen.
They cleaned up the car and now it is running very well.
Is this true, or are they just finding something simple like a broken hose, but want more money to fix it? A.
This is absolutely true.
I saw the air inlet blocked by leaves, mouse nests and I wanted to float on the treefluffâx80x9d.
If the mass air flow sensor is blocked by this Cotton
Like pollen, I can easily see how there is a liquidity problem.
Although I have to say that if you don\'t trust your store or someone who works there, it may be time to find a new one. Q.
I have a 2001-kilometer Toyota model 4 which is about 67,000 miles.
Over the past four years, the front and rear bumpers have all rusted and rotted, causing a big hole in the front bumper
Soon followed!
I contacted Toyota many times to tell them about this defect (
I noticed this on many 2001 runners).
The only action they took was to take my information and file it.
I am very grateful for your advice and help in getting Toyota to correct serious safety issues related to the integrity of the SUV.
I also saw that the bumpers of many Toyota trucks were rusted and also saw the frame problem of the pickup truck --up trucks.
Rust is the fact of life in New England, and the salt on the road is combined with the salt in the air, and a certain degree of rust is inevitable.
In my opinion, the reason why Toyota didn\'t do more to the rusty bumper is that the bumper is that according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 49 CFR part 581, there is no need for safety equipment on the truck.
That said, I would change the bumper if this was my truck.
How often should I let the tires spin on my car?
The dealer\'s price seems to be more expensive, is it worth it to finish the job at the dealer? A.
In general, you should let the tires rotate on your car every 7,500 miles;
Check the vehicle owner\'s manual for specific suggestions.
In addition to the longer tire life, this is a great opportunity for service personnel to check the condition of the brake pads.
Tire rotation is a simple procedure that can be carried out in a dealer or a separate repair shop.
Most stores combine tire rotation with other services, and some tire stores will include tire rotation when buying tires. Q.
I have a 2005-square-meter Honda Accord LX Coupe.
The owner\'s manual has a maintenance schedule that lists \"change brake fluid\" every three years \".
What does \"change brake fluid\" mean?
Is this just the \"discharge and fill\" of the brake fluid reservoir, or is it the full \"flush\" of the brake pipe and the reservoir \"?
How important is this?
I don\'t think the brake fluid on my previous 1991 Mazda MX has been changed --
I have over 14 years and 301,000 miles. A.
The brake fluid is easy to absorb moisture, and the moisture is the enemy of the normal working brake system.
This is never more true than
Lock Brake and its complex valve system.
The most effective way to replace the brake fluid is to use a standard brake bleed procedure.
This method replaces a fluid of 100%.
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