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how advance auto parts\' stock, dividend, can drive your portfolio\'s value

by:ShenHao     2020-06-10
Auto parts retailers Advance Auto Parts (AAP)
The sharp rise in recent days has caused people to talk about Virginia-
Headquarters retailers may sell themselves.
Olympic car, a competitor (ORLY)
It is reported to be a potential buyer for Advanced Auto Parts, which is also looking for the next CEO.
The company announced on November that CEO Darren Jackson would step down at the end of the year.
Despite these events and the disruption they may bring, now is a good time to have a premium car stock that will start trading
Dividend on Tuesday, December. 22.
This is the last day that the company\'s management will finalize the roster of shareholders to whom it will post dividends.
In order to qualify for a dividend check, the investor must have AAP shares on or before the coupondividend date.
Record investors as of Thursday, December.
Dividends will be received on January. 8, 2016.
Closing price of $153 as of Thursday, auto parts 6-
Quarterly dividend yield is only 0. 15% annually --
About 185 basis points lower than 2.
The average rate of return paid by companies in the S & P 00% is 500.
In fact, this is not a big gain, Auto paid the same fee-
No increase--
Nearly ten years.
Still, with AAP stocks falling nearly 15% in the last three months, the implied stock gain for AAP stocks is about 22%, with an average analyst of 12-
At the current level, the monthly price target is $190.
What is the reason for implicit confidence?
Car sales have maintained a rapid growth momentum for decades.
According to automotivws, the industry is still accelerating its highest sales rate since 2005.
Due to the sales boom on Black Friday, November is one of the best months in the United StatesS.
Car sales, according to TrueCar and Edmunds. com.
November is the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of the bank (SAAR)
More than 18 million vehicles were sold for three consecutive months.
All of this bodes well for Advanced Auto Parts, second
Largest auto parts retailer in the United StatesS. by revenue.
The more vehicles are sold, the higher the revenue from the auto parts, parts, and repair services of premium cars will be.
In addition, as gross margin and comparable operating margin continue to grow, management continues to press the right button and patient shareholders will be rewarded.
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