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how to avoid travel woes on your next trip

by:ShenHao     2020-06-29
Have you been so overwhelmed by the travel company?
Do you think you got ripped off at the car rental counter?
CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg investigates and addresses your real travel issues and helps ensure that these things don\'t happen to you.
He shared these travel problems and solutions at The Morning Show: 1.
Where\'s my suitcase?
A cbs News poll showed a massive blackout in controversial police videos. year-
The old traveler took her luggage from the Massimo usetts plug to Florida via UPS instead of putting it on the plane. The problem?
A suitcase;
The other did not arrive until one week after the expected delivery date.
Not only did the customer get annoyed with the lost luggage, but she was surprised when the UPS agent told her they couldn\'t help her;
Instead, she had to contact the UPS counter at Staples store from where she shipped it.
After the client worked with Staples, spoke to the UPS tracking agent and provided a detailed description of the suitcase, which was able to trace to the bag and deliver it to the destination ---
A week late though.
We contacted UPS to find out what happened.
They agreed to reimburse the customer for $79.
85, including transportation and booking fees, apologize for the inconvenience.
The shipping label on the baggage handle is likely to fall off during transit.
A ups spokesperson confirmed that if the package was shipped through the retailer (i. e.
Office Warehouse Staples)
Disputes and refunds must be submitted through the location;
However, if you choose to use a dedicated UPS store, they can help you with the problem directly.
Is there anything this traveler can do to prevent this issue?
If the external label is damaged or lost, please insert an additional copy of the address label in your luggage or package.
When dealing with customer service, there are all the significant details of the luggage at hand: In this case, the UPS agent puts all the details into the computer, including Item by item content and type, to help track lost items, the color and letter combination of the suitcase.
Correct packaging and labeling are essential to ensure safe transportation.
Put your luggage in the box if possible (
UPS now sells dedicated suitcases of two sizes that can be used instead of suitcases).
The outer box protects the condition of the luggage and provides a flat surface for the shipping label (
Instead of the label around the handle. )
Consider loosely placing suitcases and packaged clothes, shoes and necessities in a box to make them lighter and even include a flat box for return.
The UPS Store offers packaging and shipping commitments.
In the event that the location participating in the event is packaged and shipped via UPS, and there is any loss or damage during transportation, the customer will be compensated.
Double check the baggage reception address of the hotel or resort as it may be different from the address on their website. 2.
On a sleepless night in Alaska, a widowed old man saved up money and traveled for a lifetime, a week --
Take a long-distance cruise from Zaandam, the Dutch American MS, to Alaska.
Her trip got worse because she was woken up in the middle of the night by a faulty smoke alarm in her cabin.
Although she contacted the crew, they were unable to fix the alarm and move her to another cabin.
The problem lasted until two days before the end of the cruise, when she had several sleepless nights and had an experience that was usually very stressful.
\"I slept four nights and asked for funding or credit for another cruise,\" she wrote . \".
\"I wrote several letters and was denied the compensation I deserved.
They gave me $100 points and gave me room upgrades on my next trip.
\"About her experience, three things came to mind all of a sudden: the compensation provided, the $100 on-board credit and the cabin upgrade, assuming Sheila will travel on HAL again.
On a cruise ship, your cabin is mainly for sleeping.
When this is affected, it does affect the quality of the holiday.
According to HAL\'s customer service representative, her compensation was calculated on the basis of the nature and severity of the problem and the cruise charges paid.
\"It makes us wonder: if the complaint comes from someone at a higher level --
Cottage with reasonable price, what compensation will they get?
We contacted the Dutch American company to find out the truth about the situation.
After further investigation, they determined that Sheila would receive further compensation.
She gets a refund of $400 or $777 that will be used for future cruises.
She chose the former.
What can you do if you face a similar situation?
Of course, there will be technical problems, but how to deal with this situation will have an impact on the customer experience.
If you are not satisfied with your experience for a specific reason, you have the right to see how to solve it through the appropriate channels.
Make a note of the logs of everyone you talk to during and after your trip, and if the customer service representative cannot help, please chain up.
If these normal channels don\'t work, email Peter to find out!
For more tips and suggestions, please visit page 2. 3.
When traveling in Ireland, Michael chose to use the capital card to avoid the nasty foreign transaction costs. (
In most credit card cases, it costs 1% to exchange foreign currency into US currencyS.
But the first capital bears these costs. )
Although he found that the strategy worked well throughout Ireland, he was nailed to the Hertz counter while renting a car.
There, Hertz collects its own foreign transfer fee for $1.
4537, the standard rate for the day is $1. 3720.
The difference in rates cost him an extra $65. 95.
According to Hertz, although Ireland is a franchise country, they have the same policy as Hertz in terms of customer preferred currency exchange (CPCC).
CPCC replaces the currency exchange that credit card companies often make when cardholders use their credit cards for transactions in foreign currency.
Hertz uses the commercial daily exchange rate provided by the forex trader on the day the fee is charged to the account.
In addition to this, the management fee of CPCC is as high as 2.
75% of the transaction is billed under the lease contract.
This fee replaces the money exchange management fee normally charged by the card issuer.
So even though Michael is using a credit card that doesn\'t charge for a foreign conversion, he was hit by Hertz\'s conversion fee.
When he contacted Hertz, he was told part of the contract he had signed at the rental counter, which fully explained the CPCC policy.
However, as a gesture of good faith, Hertz has refunded the foreign transfer fee to him.
How to protect yourself: when booking a car rental, call the agency directly to ask for all fees, fees and taxes before choosing which company to use.
It is also important to ask which fees are optional and which are not optional.
When you get to your desk, read fine print and ask questions.
In this case, the conversion fee is buried in the template language but not explained to the customer. 4.
Holiday visitors plan to travel to Florida last spring and pay for timeshare resort through Indiana reservations
A company based in a holiday store.
Nearly three months later, the resort she stayed at added $729 to her credit card.
98, said they had never been paid by the resort store.
After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the company, she filed a complaint with the better bureau of commerce and the Florida Department of Consumer Services.
Neither office was able to get a response from the resort store.
We contacted the Carib Cove resort where she stayed.
They reported that there were several such problems in the holiday store but could not provide any further assistance.
When we contacted the resort store on her behalf, they claimed that they had never heard of the case before.
However, they do agree to contact the customer directly to resolve the issue.
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the company will honor its promise.
How do you protect yourself from this situation?
Cross-check any timeshare company to see if it is a member of the American Vacation Development Association, an industry association representing vacation ownership and vacation development property.
Holiday stores are not members.
Cross-check any company with a better bureau of commerce before you do business.
According to BBB, Indiana, the BBB rating of the resort store is C-
37 complaints were filed against them.
She did the right thing, filed a claim with the Florida consumer services department and the Better Business Bureau, but should also consider filing a claim with the Florida attorney general.
Get in touch with your credit card company and provide documents: confirmation of service booking, additional charges and any other supporting correspondence.
If everything else fails, there is an option to file a claim with the small claims court to recover those losses.
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