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how to change the parking lamps in your jeep wrangler jk

by:ShenHao     2020-06-25
Front parking light maintenance JK wrangler sometimes you need to maintain the front parking light located on the front grille or the rear side marking located on the side fender flare.
Or you would like to install an aftermarket transparent lens kit with amber bulbs.
In any case, this guide will show you how to replace the bulb or install a new kit.
Before you start: Remember a few things when buying an after-sales kit with clear lenses.
You must get the amber lenses approved by DOT to make sure the kit is legal.
White, blue or other colors on-road use.
Be careful when replacing the bulb kit as they are easily damaged during installation.
Also make sure that all electrical contacts are clean and free of water, mud, dirt or other contaminants.
Make sure you check your kit or bulb to make sure you have the right item.
Also read through the instructions first so you can understand the basic concepts and have all the tools ready.
The light bulb size front stop light uses the following bulbs: The white 3157na side sign light uses the following bulbs 3157: 194 of white194NA may vary for amberpart numbers, but these numbers are the correct name to look up any part store.
Replace the front parking lights these are the lamp components located at the front of the grille below the headlights.
Especially if you have a short bumper these are easy to get.
It takes about 30 minutes.
The hardest part is to remove the red security clip and sometimes let the clip loose the shell.
Disconnect the battery first.
It\'s a safety precaution and it\'s not necessary because I know there is no live wire but you can short something out.
The back of the parking light assembly is the harness.
First remove the red safety clip from the harness.
This is done by pressing the clip and pulling the connector.
It may take a little work to get this down.
Be careful not to break it because it will not get back inside correctly.
Then remove the parking light.
Push the two labels that hold the lamp assembly outward onto the grille.
Then pull out the entire lamp assembly through the front of the grille.
Now you can change the bulb by rotating the bulb until it comes out.
Replace it with a new bulb.
If you have a new clear light fixture assembly, make sure an amber light bulb is installed and insert the fixture assembly into the front of the grille aligned to the label until it is stuck in place.
Connect the harness and insert the red security clip.
Now is a good time to connect the battery and check if the component works, preferably before you get it stuck in.
Then, repeat these steps for the parking light assembly opposite.
After testing the bulbs again, make sure they are working properly.
I will also test them after 50 miles to make sure the harness is in place properly.
How to change the side light on the Jeep Wrangler _ change the side light is slightly different from the front parking light.
Be careful not to lean against the fender and take a moment when rotating the bulb.
On each fender, rotate the bulb housing at the back of the Fender until it comes out.
At this point, you can do this now if you just change the bulb.
Otherwise, please proceed if you are replacing the entire component.
On the inside of the fender below the light assembly, there are two rivets that must be removed.
You can remove them using a flat head screwdriver or an Allen wrench.
Be careful not to damage them because you can\'t reuse them.
If they do damage it is possible to purchase replacement parts online or from your Jeep dealer, the part is the PlayStation 6007aa.
When entering the steering light assembly, push the top of the clip on the lamp down.
The Fender separated from the inner fender pushes the top of the lamp out and then goes down a little.
The clip should be released from the inner fender.
Now remove the bulb housing from the new replacement housing and put it aside and you will use it later.
Next, install the new replacement enclosure by ensuring that the clip at the bottom of the enclosure is inserted into the inner fender.
Upon completion, the top clamp can be broken onto the internal Fender.
If the OE original bulb housing is still in the connector harness, remove it now.
Replace it with the newly supplied bulb housing and amber bulb.
Rotate the new bulb housing as it is installed into the fixture assembly until it is in place.
Now take out the plastic rivets in advance and make sure at least 1/8 \"pops up \".
Install the rivets all the way into the inner fender hole to make sure there is still a little pop-up.
When fully installed, press the pop-up section to hold them in place.
Test and make sure the bulb works.
Repeat on the other side.
It will be much easier because you already know how to do it.
So now all of you sit down and look at your work.
You should have a good clear lens with light bulbs that flash and burn amber.
Your street is legal and ready to cruise on top.
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