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how to install front bumper lip strut rod support bars

by:ShenHao     2020-07-04
This tutorial will show you how to install our universal aluminum front bumper lip split bar s pillar Rod support bar.
When the installation is correct, the lower bumper lip is set very tightly.
However, for those with additional needs for the safety and touch of the JDM, the lower bumper lip pillar Rod is the perfect accessory for their front bumper.
* Please note that some drilling will be involved in the installation of the pillar Rod support rod.
* You will install the bumper lip pillar Rod on your lower lip and bumper.
The two ends of the support bar of the pillar bar are the same, so you don\'t have to worry about which end will arrive.
To install it, remove the nut from the bolt.
Pass the end of the bolt through the drill and re-screw the NUT to tighten.
To extend the support Rod support rod, fix the support rod in the mini U-using pliers-
A bracket formed when fixing the screw with a wrench.
Turn the tool up and inward in the closed motion, extending the pillar rod to the length you want.
If you buy the shorter AA2317 pillar bar, you can extend it from 6 \"to 7 \". 5\".
If you buy a longer AA2316 pillar bar, you can extend it from 8 \"to 9 \". 5\".
Mark the upper bumper installation area you want before committing to the hole.
Bolt the other end of the strut pillar rod to the bumper installation position to complete.
For a safe and extra JDM touch, your car is now equipped with a support bar to support your lower bumper lip.
You can find this more versatile accessory in iJDMTOY. com today!
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