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how to replace a headlight bulb in a renault megane

by:ShenHao     2020-07-03
Before we start, how hard is it to replace the headlight bulb, first of all know that at some point during maintenance, you may swear or even be slightly injured (as I did).
In order to replace Renault Megane\'s headlight bulb, you have to go through an entrance hole on the wheel arch, as you might expect, rather than through the front of the car.
This is due to the nature of the chassis and front bumper design, and trust me they didn\'t make it easy.
Anyway, if you\'re a \"do it yourself\" person, this is definitely something you can do without having to take it to the garage and charge the planet, so take a look at the process below: you need something for Phillips head screwdriver time (
About 45 minutes)Patience!
Before starting this work, I was told that in order to get better into the wheel arch Channel panel, you have to lift the car up and remove the wheel.
I refuse to believe it is necessary and have not done so.
But I can honestly say it might be easier to turn off the wheel.
However, this article will be based on the method I adopted, so it will be your call-
Maybe it depends on how big you are.
Also, those of you with double joints or small enough hands may be able to manage the job from the front of the car, but you have to do a lot of work blindly.
Again, this will not be covered in this guide.
First of all, lock the wheels from the arch you will be working on.
This will give you enough space to get into the area. (
For the contents of removing the wheels, see above)
The channel panel is located at the front of the wheel arch, screwing down the screws to expose the path to the headlight assembly.
At this point, I also removed the inner wheel
Padded, just pull out two plugs and remove any screws fixed above using a cross screwdriver.
Then pull it out or pull it out completely
So then there was nothing I could do, I just moved it half way from me.
Removing the padding allows you to have more wiggle space without being limited to the entrance holes.
Use the torch if necessary, you should now be able to see the headlights assembly reasonably
Although you can\'t see it when you arrive, you need to do a lot of things by feeling.
Remove the cover on the headlights assembly.
You should be able to see the connectors, springs and bulbs now.
Squeeze the release label on the front light connector and pull it out from the back of the front light assembly.
You now have a spring to remove so you can release the bulb.
Press the top of the spring and it should swing back, remove the spring from the back of the front lamp assembly and pull the assembly over.
Remove the bulb and replace it with a new one.
Reverse execution of the Remove instruction.
Reopening the spring may be a bit like you thought it would be, but once you know how the assembly came out, it should be put back in place quite straight now.
Here is a simplified breakdown of the steps taken.
Summary: remove the wheel from the side you are working on and unscrew the entrance panel in the wheel arch.
Optional: remove Inner Wheel-
Remove the cover on the assembly.
Remove the headlights connector from the assembly.
Remove the spring from the assembly and remove the bulb.
Remove the bulb and replace it with a new one.
Instead execute instructions to replace all components. Good luck.
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