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by:ShenHao     2020-06-19
Through Grant HostickaNot, only on your way to work can you experience the impact of lower gas prices on the total mileage (think: traffic)
It can also be understood by identifying a simple causal relationship: people are more inclined to drive as gas prices fall, whether it\'s a spring break road trip or a long journey
Relatives who haven\'t seen each other for a while.
This relationship goes further;
With the increase in mileage, the necessary number of car repairs will also increase.
The cold and snowy winter in the United States has further driven demand for car repair, which means that auto parts stores will grow.
Having said that, the high tide does not make all ships equal, so it is important to take a comprehensive look at the industry\'s largest players to determine which stores are best suited to take advantage of low oil prices and severe winter. Pep Boys (NYSE:PBY-OLD)
Since its opening in 1921, Pep Boys has grown to 806 locations in 35 states.
In addition to the car parts, Pep Boys also provides maintenance and repair for the fleet and the car.
Compared to their more focused competitors, this excessive service could be the reason for the drop in Pep Boy over the past 5 years.
On the fiscal 2014 earnings call in April 13, interim CEO John sweet Wood said: \"Unfortunately for Pep Boys, recovery is not the word investors want to hear.
Overall EPS decline-$0.
Compared to-, 51 per share for fiscal 2014$0.
13 per share for fiscal 2013.
To be simple and clear, Pep Boys may be at the beginning of the recovery, but there is a better choice for the investor\'s portfolio.
Advanced Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP)
After the acquisition of international original accessories in 2014, investors expect advanced auto parts to take a step forward as a company.
On the contrary, advanced auto parts companies have been working hard to integrate acquisitions successfully.
Fortunately, this is a time-consuming partnership where advanced auto parts will soon begin to see cost savings from the transaction.
This is necessary because advanced auto parts are significantly behind their two larger competitors in profit margins, although the decline in profit margins is in some way the result of real parts acquisitions.
CEO Darren Jackson said at the latest earnings call for senior auto parts on February 12: senior auto parts are not in the recovery phase like Pep Boys, but are not clear yet.
While it\'s worth looking for long-term investors, advanced auto parts companies are not the best companies to profit from current trends. AutoZone (NYSE:AZO)
In the area, the automatic area.
Of our 4 options, more than 5,000 AutoZone stores have the lowest P/E ratio and the highest profit margin, which provides an interesting option for investors.
AutoZone pledge shows how the company is trying to be different: these encouraging guidelines form an attractive storefront that encourages customers to return goods.
As a growth company, AutoZone invests in itself instead of paying dividends.
In addition, AutoZone management has realized the attractive price of their shares and announced a $0. 75 billion repurchase on March 24.
Management has a long history of buying back shares, and since 1998, the board has authorized buying back more than $15 billion.
Issued shares fell from 60 million shares in 2008 to the current 32 million shares.
Support Large-scale buybacks by issuing new debt.
But for years, AutoZone has stumbled on debt at extremely low interest rates.
Interest expenditure is $0. 17 billion per year, but AutoZone generates approximately $1 billion in cash flow each year, which is enough to pay off the debt and pay it back.
In the end, investors should be satisfied with AutoZone\'s creative approach to returning cash to shareholders while stocks continue to rise.
O\'Reilly Motor Company(NASDAQ:ORLY)
Although O\'Reilly has slightly fewer storefronts than competitors AutoZone and advanced auto parts, their return on equity shows their ability to generate revenue growth from their investments.
But more importantly, their distribution strategy enables them to differentiate themselves from their competitors by taking the lead in some usability.
Among the four auto parts stocks, O\'Reilly\'s auto parts inventory has performed best in the past five years, totaling more than 350% vehicles.
Their tiered distribution system helps support the availability of parts and inventory turnover.
The backbone of the system is the distribution service store deployed in 25 regions, allowing 276 \"center\" stores to provide multiple daily delivery services to \"branch\" stores.
In the past year, this battle has created a miracle for O\'Reilly, as comp sales in 2014 rose at least 5% per quarter.
As the company continues to focus on growing market share, investors can be confident in this strategy as it combines strong profit margins with impressive companies, A unique distribution strategy can not only increase sales, but also increase profits.
The auto parts industry should continue to perform well and its value is considerable so far.
While some investors may be inclined to a positive repurchase strategy, while others want the industry to grow best, it is up to individual investors to decide which stock is best for them and their investment strategy.
What is your choice?
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