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luxury car, crummy bumper

by:ShenHao     2020-07-04
NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)--
Low in intended replication
The bumper of several luxury cars cannot prevent expensive damage.
In one case, a Mercedes-BenzBenz C-
The front bumper of the Class sedan was hit at 6 miles an hour and lost nearly $5,500.
The Road Safety Insurance Association conducted four separate low
Speed Impact test for 11 popular luxury cars.
The cars hit an obstacle and were designed to mimic the bumper of another car.
From the front and back at 6 miles per hour, diagonally at 3 miles per hour to the front and back corners.
The insurance-funded private agency estimated the cost of repairs after each test. \"[W]
The test results do not reflect Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz\'s overall approach to passenger safety
Mercedes said in a statement.
\"This concept has even affected the design and development of the front bumper, which is specially installed in a lower position to help reduce the damage caused by pedestrian collisions (
Avoid contact above the knee). \"The C-
The Class does not perform well to a large extent, because during the test, its front bumper slides under the impact barrier.
The most serious damage was the Infiniti G35 manufactured by Nissan, with an estimated total repair cost of $14,000.
On the straight path
In the frontal crash test alone, the G35 suffered a loss of $5,223.
\"The cost of vehicle ownership and repair is an important consideration for Infiniti,\" Nissan said in a statement . \".
\"We designed every new model to resist the low.
Speed crash damage and will continue to work closely with major insurance companies to maintain low premiums for our customers.
\"The test of the Insurance Association does not really reflect
Nissan says the results of the world. The best-
The vehicle that performed well in the test was Saab 9-3.
Its total estimated maintenance cost for all four tests was $5,243, lower than Mercedes-
Mercedes only needs to fix the cost after a frontal collision.
However, the institute is not even interested in Saab\'s performance in these tests.
\"Even the best-performing Saab 9 has nothing to follow.
Vice President Joe Nolan said in a statement.
\"It just avoided doing the most damage in any Test and ended up getting the best results in mediocre batches.
Saab said in a statement that it was 9-3\'s top-
Rank performance in these tests.
In the early release of a round of testing, medium non-
The price of luxury cars is not much better.
One of Nissan\'s products performed the worst in these tests, with a total loss of $9,051 from Nissan\'s Maxima.
Many luxury and non-luxury
According to the institute, luxury cars have the same problem: too weak bumpers, the shock absorption structure does not extend far enough to corners and bumpers, the design of these corners and bumpers is top priority with visual appeal rather than damage control. Under the body
Color plastic housing, most bumpers have metal beams that absorb the collision force.
These beams may be too weak or not placed where needed to adequately prevent the impact of various types.
The institute said that in some cases, the car bumper will slide under the bumper of another car during the collision, exposing the headlights, grill and body sheet metal to damage.
Luxury cars also have expensive replacement parts.
According to the institute, Lexus ES headlights cost $1,046. (
In 15 or 22 frontal crash tests conducted by the Institute, the headlights were damaged. )
According to the institute, Audi A4\'s front bumper cover costs nearly $600, one of the best performing vehicles in the test.
Installation and painting costs are not included.
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