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optimizing the aerodynamic balance of your car

by:ShenHao     2020-06-29
Aerodynamics can be used to control the handling of cars at heights. speed corners (
About 60 miles per hour).
The pneumatic components push down on the car, or create a lower pressure, which helps the tire to maintain better traction.
The two major aerodynamic upgrades are the front bumper and the rear wing.
While these two components can increase turn speed when installed on your car, they also increase resistance and limit your maximum speed.
The aerodynamics components can only be used to adjust the high-speed turn characteristic.
They will be low-speed handling.
In addition, the overall grip of the car should be increased by aerodynamics.
It should not be used to correct serious understeer or oversteer.
Try to control understeer/oversteer by relying on mechanical suspension adjustment.
Finally, we can only turn to aerodynamics.
This is because in the case of a racing car, it is not always possible to rely on the aerodynamic grip.
For example, if you pay close attention to another car, there will be less air on your car because the car in front is breaking through the air for you.
Reduced airflow (
So Under Pressure)
You will lose control in your car.
If you rely heavily on aerodynamics to improve control, your car will become difficult to drive when you are very close to other cars.
The aerodynamics component works by deflecting the air to generate a downward force on the car.
The air hits the car at a certain angle, pushing the car into the ground.
At the same time, the air is deflected on the car.
The actively reclining front bumper and the large wing usually produce more lower pressure than the small wing and the gentle front bumper.
Usually, it is impossible to adjust the size of the front and lower pressure without changing the front bumper.
However, the wing is often used to change the insert and angle adjustment of the pressure after the pressure is changed.
By increasing the wing angle or adding the wing insert, the lower pressure at the rear of the car can be increased.
This pushes the rear wheels more firmly into the ground and prevents them from slipping.
Excessive steering can be corrected in this way.
If your car is running high
Speed angle, you can reduce the angle of the wing, or take out the wing insert to reduce the back pressure and correct the understeer.
Keep in mind that increasing the down pressure will help increase the turn speed, but will reduce the maximum speed due to additional resistance.
Nevertheless, you will usually want to minimize stress, as most road routes do not have a long straight path.
Reduce the pressure on the track of the long straight track (
So drag)
Can Improve Your lap speed
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