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small cars have a big bumper problem

by:ShenHao     2020-07-01
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Today, efficient cars have raised concerns among many of our passengers.
While small cars may be easier to park, their bumpers are very vulnerable to taps from the front or rear, according to the road safety insurance institute\'s tests of seven cars.
Although the organization is known for its safety crash test, its bumper test checks for damage to the owner\'s bank account.
None of the bumpers on the tested cars got the highest good rating, only one bumpers, and Smart Fortwo got an acceptable rating.
Chevy Aveo gets edge ratings and the remaining five small cars (
Honda Fit, modern Accent, Kia Rio, Mini Cooper and Toyota Yaris)
Got the lowest poverty rating.
The test copied a complete one.
6 miles per hour, wide front and back, 3 miles per hour in front and back corners.
Rio has the highest cost of a single repair and the highest total damage ($9,380)
Four repairs.
In the front bumper test alone, it suffered $3,701 in damage, which the institute noted was 30% of the car purchase price.
Smart Fortwo lost a total of $3,281 in four Tests and performed best in all tests.
The institute says the cost of a Smart car is relatively low because its pre-processed plastic body panels have dents --
Cheap and easy to replace.
If the bumper is not high enough to match and engage the bumper on the vehicle that is hitting it, things become very expensive.
The bumper then slides or slides between each other, causing damage to the body instead of the bumper.
In the case of Rio, the bumper slides under eye-catching obstacles --
Designed to represent the car bumper-
Grand Slam that caused damage to the grille, hood, headlights, radiators, Fender and air in Rio-
Air conditioning condenser, and bumper steel bar.
Honda Fit has damaged almost every panel and component in the rear because its bumper is not installed high enough to protect the tailgate, rear panel and taillights, the institute said.
The Institute is using a new rating agreement in which the average and weighted maintenance costs are used to reflect the actual situation
Mode of world destruction
Because more insurance claims are made against full front and full rear collisions relative to corner collisions, the weight of these claims is greater.
For a good rating, the weighted average of the vehicle must be less than $500, less than $1,000 acceptable, and less than $1,500 marginal.
If the repair cost is over $1,500, the car will become very poor.
The bumper can be designed at low-
Joe Nolan said that the speed impact, at least their repair costs should not exceed the typical insurance deductible, which is why the institute has set the limit on good ratings at $500, senior vice president of the Institute.
The price of a new bumper cover, reinforcement bar and paint is usually $1,000, while the price of replacing car parts such as grilles and headlights can be $1,500.
In the past, the institute only published the number of vehicle damage and did not provide a rating.
The new rating agreement will apply to 54 other vehicles that have been tested since 2007 and these ratings will appear on the website soon.
Update: June 11, 2009 3:17m.
As reader Robert pointed out, none of the 49 cars that the institute passed the bumper test this year received a good rating and only three received an acceptable rating.
The numbers were confirmed by phone to the Institute.
More details, here.
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What the auto industry has done in terms of bumper protection is an outrage.
I don\'t understand how the auto insurance industry allowed automakers to give up the retractable shock absorber bumper that was not damaged every hour for the first 5 miles of 1980s.
I have a car like this that has the potential to hit the front or rear at 5 miles per hour without any damage at all, as long as the bumper height of both cars is the same.
My car maker has actually tested the bumper on my series of cars, 10 miles per hour, with no damage.
With a 5-mile/hour bumper, two cars equipped with similar gear can hit head-on or front-and-back at a 10-mile/hour turn-off speed without damage.
I believe that due to cost and styling, the automotive industry has dropped the standard of 5 miles per hour and may also save a little weight . . . . . . And allow the driver to bear the cost of higher grief and higher insurance premiums.
Other things to consider.
If a 5 mile/hour bumper compression does not cause damage to the car, passengers may experience less physical trauma and whi in the event of a fender bending accident in these vehicles.
These bumpers absorb the energy that would have been passed on to passengers by compression.
The bumper can be better, but the result is not beautiful.
Remember the car in late 1970s?
In 1974 NHTSA, all bumpers are required to withstand a 5-mile/hour front and rear slam without damage.
Each car, large and small, has a huge metal bumper, standing in a few inches, proud of the metal sheet, which is attached to two thick shock absorbers that bear the impact.
The space between the bumper and the body is usually filled with a variety of rubber or plastic pieces that crack with age and sunlight, which makes today\'s car collectors feel timeless
How do I know? .
Especially in some cars, the big Ford car, the resulting \"shelf\" is almost wide enough to sit on it.
From then to some point now, the standard is relaxed, allowing the modern lastic flush bumper, which is theoretically reinforced behind it, but in fact it is not strong enough or far enough from sheet metal to protect anything
Demolition derby riders love the biggest and ugliest of these 70 bumpers as they are great batsmen.
Maybe it\'s time to lower the bumper height of all these obscene City attack vehicles.
Yes, I\'m not sure when the bumper will become so expensive.
Their aim is to protect the rest of the car from damage, but not to spend thousands of dollars in a small parking lotlot impact!
I have a classic that works.
Bumper car, late-
The 1970 Volvo 240, whose bumper has repeatedly prevented damage to the body panel, has not suffered significant damage in itself.
I don\'t know how to replace the previous one.
Metal panels and plastic parts can solve any problem.
My 2000 Volkswagen, which is the same size as 240, is actually expensive plastic before and after.
But it weighs 500 pounds more than Volvo.
It\'s time for Detroit to re-launch 1940 Ford.
Just an idea . . . . . . While pointing to the auto industry is easy, the uncomfortable fact is that it comes down to buying the masses, who are the driving force behind every car on the road today.
The inconvenient fact is that people want these vehicles.
Car buyers across North America want big and stylish cars.
They want light cars with better gas mileage.
They want a cheaper car.
At the end of the road, any car manufacturer is a company, and if it wants to survive, it must satisfy its desire to buy the population, for the past 20 years, every car manufacturer in the world does this.
Strangely, the cars produced over the years are becoming more and more like the cars in Star Trek . . . . . . Because if they don\'t produce, the public who buys them will spend their money on those that make cars.
They didn\'t force people to buy Hummers under gunshots-the public who bought them asked them to buy them.
The common mistake of some automakers is that once they realize that their buying habits are unsustainable, they cannot predict how quickly Consumer attitudes will reverse, which is why large automakers, the huge expansion car is now reaching out for public money to save itself from the ugly death.
Considering that the buying behavior of the public is the reason why these companies are encouraged to be themselves, and the sudden change in the buying public is the reason they used --
Now the proud company has fallen to the ankle.
Now, we note that the VWs in the world are prepared to surpass others without begging for help because they are smart enough to maintain a smaller range of products, more efficient vehicles with sudden demand.
Now buy the public want cheap, small, light, fashion, environmental protection
Friendly cars because they are just fashionable.
What they don\'t realize is that it is impossible to make vehicles that meet these requirements without using cheaper materials-which leads to more expensive maintenance costs.
It is a bit ironic that the \"power of the people\" that is not used wisely in the past and now is still the reason why people constantly complain about injustice.
It\'s impossible to eat your cake . . . . . . But try to tell the average \"consumer \".
\"If the car manufacturer is able to place a shock absorber at the corner of the wheel, it is able to absorb 30-
40 miles/hour, of course they can place a shock absorber behind the bumper holder to absorb 5-
Crash 10 miles per hour, no damage. (
I can go to any amusement park and find bumper cars that can handle such collisions. )
They didn\'t do it, just told me they didn\'t want to do it.
So are our legislators.
All bumpers are at the same height above the road, so it\'s common sense that when two cars touch, they hit each other.
Whether it\'s on a Hummer or a mini car, the bumper should be at the same height above the road.
I think it\'s unfair.
When the bumper drop affects various models, the car bumper will fail.
The bumper is disappearing and replaced by the front grille and the larger engine compartment.
The grill is not structural.
They are weak perforated screens designed for bug collisions and I am not referring to VWs.
If one replaces the cost of more than $500 with a 5 mile collison per hour, if I have a $100,000 sports car, it could be more than $10 k to just replace the grill and radiator.
With the rearview mirror over $500, all exotic cars will not be able to pass the $1000 test.
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