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start the year with advance auto parts

by:ShenHao     2020-06-18
Those of us who are worried about the next three to five years can\'t be complacent about the market downturn like investing in pension fund managers for the next 30 years.
In my manager, Wayne Himelsein has the best record in short selling
He made a lot of changes to his portfolio.
Wayne bought premium auto parts for the first time this year.
Ken Kam: Wayne, what do you think about the first week of the new year?
The first week of 2019 was tough.
However, with positive news from the jobs report and the Fed, the situation looks brighter at the close of the week.
If the market believes that the number of interest rate hikes is less than before, and the economy is strong, let us stay away from the recession, then the market will rebound.
But we need to identify the strongest stocks and add them to our portfolio.
Jian: If you say \"strongest\" stocks refer to those stocks that have fallen less in the bear market and have the largest gains in the bull market, then of course I agree that these stocks are what we all want to enter when the direction of the market is unclear.
Please give us an example.
Himelsein: my first choice for the new year is Advanced Auto Parts (AAP).
In the face of the recent pullback, I like the strong performance of this stock.
But the real big reason, when I go home, pounce on me like my dog, eager to get my attention, is what I call \"victory V.
Victory V is actually the \"V\" shape in the stock, announcing to all those who follow it that the company has fully recovered.
We sometimes see adjustments to this broader market, such as the Brexit referendum on June 2016, where S & P dropped by 6% months and fully recovered over the next three: victory v.
The shape of the \"V\" indicates that whatever is holding back the company or the market has been completely resolved.
This is not a problem, after all.
More importantly, the company or the market has the strength and resilience to completely eliminate the damage, just as nothing has happened.
Jin: Look at aap I see what you\'re talking about in the 17 years from October to November 20.
Is this the Victory V you are watching?
Well, that\'s certainly part of it.
In fact, this is the corner of V, as if we were talking about an upside-down iceberg.
Go out with a wider angle lens (
As I often like to do, get a clearer view in a wider timeframe)
You will see the great nature of victory begin to manifest.
The collapse of the 17-year period of January 20 began in the early days, and it is no exaggeration to say that throughout 2017, the stock plunged down to an unknown abyss deep down.
If someone holds a stock during 2017, they will tear their hair with a stock that is almost the opposite of the big market.
If you put the S & P500 on the AAP, you will see a huge \"X \".
It was terrible and eventually lost around 50% in November 2017.
Jin: I only know now that this is the last question from me in November 20, but the \"V\" 1st I started, the implementation you started a few months ago!
I think what will happen next?
Of course, you can--the Victory V!
Deep pit from 78.
On November 7, 2017, the stock began to rise, up and up.
Until about the same time, it reached and exceeded the January 2017 level, reaching more than $180 in November 14, 2018.
Like the real thing, V is almost completely symmetrical.
It\'s much more important than we thought, and that\'s why it\'s a win.
For stocks that are down 50%, it has to climb 100% to restore balance.
The symmetry of the appearance is actually the asymmetry of the composite return.
Conceptually, this means that stocks (Also known as Company)
I had to work harder to get my balance back.
The loss of 50% is hard.
Do it at the same time
The framework as a downward spiral is a considerable achievement.
It tells the world that no matter how bad things happen, no matter what causes the decline, it is fixed ---and done.
Elasticity is an amazing feature for me. All companies (and people)
It is inevitable to face problems and obstacles.
So those who are full of energy are the ones we should bet on.
This is the old saying: what kills you won\'t make you stronger.
I like such ideas and ideas. It’s so true.
I certainly respect the achievements of those who have overcome the struggle.
So why don\'t you recommend it in November?
Well, I really can.
But we must be more certain.
Victory V should not start to become W!
To this end, it was very exciting to see its performance in October.
Market turmoil in December.
In October, it completely ignored the decline in the market and was invincible.
Then it hit a new high in November.
Finally, the final test is how it responds in December, where the broader market has really plummeted and has all of us on a roller coaster ---
Or more accurately, the initial big drop part of the roller coaster!
At the same time, AAP performed better than anyone thought, and when the gap rose in August 2018, its decline completely stopped.
In order to use the trade term, it \"fills the gap\" precisely, stops, does a thing about the face and starts climbing.
What\'s even more beautiful is that from December 26-1 -august 3, it actively climbed, in fact up 9%, while the S & P 500 index rose by about 4. 25%, i. e.
The market doubled in the rebound.
Finally, the market fell by January 3.
At 4% that day, AAP rose a little more than 3%.
This is not only a clear 5% spread, but also in a day of recession fears, negative Chinese news, and market despair.
AAP won\'t have anything.
It\'s carving its own way, I\'m on it\'s Road.
My opinion is: it makes sense to invest in what Wayne says is the strongest stock.
For 18 years, Wayne\'s portfolio has found that stocks have fallen less in bad markets and have risen more in good markets.
Just as the best poker players win by reading the \"tell\" of other players, Wayne evaluates the \"tell\" of the market to determine when to be aggressive and when to back down.
Wayne Himelsein\'s Bond Fund (LFF)
With a history of 18 years, it has experienced two market crashes, multiple corrections and departmental rotations.
Wayne averaged 11 points during this period.
Compared with the S & P 47%, the pound is a year.
20% in the same period.
Because LFF is big-
The S & P 500 is a suitable benchmark.
For those seeking the highest return, LFF has been a better choice for years.
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