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train clips front bumper of car that drove under crossing gate in berkeley heights

by:ShenHao     2020-07-02
Berkeley Heights
On Thursday, December, a car that failed to stop at the intersection was caught on the front bumper by a westbound NJ Transit train. 12.
Berkeley Heights police station on Monday
Frank Fortunato confirmed that an accident occurred near the intersection of Plainfield and Park avenues, and NJ Transit controlled the site and conducted an investigation.
A spokesman for the New Jersey Transportation Authority, William Smith, said the accident occurred at the intersection of pingfield Avenue at 9: 53 A. M. m.
When a car stops under a collapsed crossing
The engineer found the car and \"blew the horn\" on the train to try to stop, but there was not enough time for the train to stop, Smith said.
The train hit the front of the car and the front bumper.
Smith said the driver, described as the old man, was not injured. 8220;
The car can be driven after the accident, \"he said, without injuries to train passengers or crew members.
Smith said the driver was summoned for careless driving.
The Gladstone line between New Providence and Gladstone is suspended for about 45 minutes.
A passenger on the train sent photos of the accident taken from the train.
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