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What about industry position of ShenHao?
ShenHao is a brand well recognized by clients in the ShenHao industry. It is a brand of strong competitiveness thanks to years of experience in the business. The after-sale services make the brand outstanding in the industry.

Foshan Shunde Shen Hao Industry Co.ltd has many years of experience in the development and production of door sill guard. We have become an expert in this industry. exterior accessories is the main product of Shen Hao Industry Co.ltd. It is diverse in variety. The manufacture of ShenHao console box meets a meet environmental standards. The improvements in its design contribute to energy recovery and emission reduction. Combining hardness and flexibility, the product is able to fit perfectly into the car. The product provides efficiency and enables consumers to save costs over the life of the light, without compromising beauty or the environment. The product is not easy to fall off or loose.

As a good corporate citizen, we adhere to ethical business practices. We provide fair treatment to labors such as living wage compensation, more pay for more work, and some social welfare. Get an offer!
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