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what the car fax report doesn\'t tell you

by:ShenHao     2020-06-30
Car sales have been hit badly over the years!
Is that reasonable?
Well, I can tell you that this kind of \"rap\" makes sense in terms of doing the car repair business and understanding the car sales industry.
For example, at a Chevrolet dealer I served, a customer took his Yukon (
It was a few years ago, so I can\'t remember what caused it, the car has two doors)
Do some work in the service department.
The rear window of the car was replaced.
The technician damaged the paint when changing the window.
They asked me to fix the door and at the same time I was not aware that they did not inform the customer that the paint of the vehicle had been damaged and that they were repairing it.
This is a particularly bad situation because if the customer wants the repair to be perfect, it is better to do it in the sterile body workshop.
Not the parking lot behind the service.
To make matters worse, they did not inform the customer about the damage and did not let the customer choose to decide who he wanted to fix and how to fix the damage.
I was also not told that I only knew that the vehicle was damaged and they asked me to fix it.
Most of the time, in fact, they didn\'t tell me any details and I had to ask for information from them.
I mean, pry!
In this case, customers always want a perfect job.
He brought his vehicle in for repair and the dealer damaged it.
Now clarify, a good one.
The live painter knows how to work outside, and if he is really good, he will use materials and paint that work very well in external conditions and use paint that is fast and dry.
But the fact is that he has no control over the environment.
It turns out that the customer found it all, at least not happy!
What does this example tell us?
There is really no honesty in car dealers.
In fact, things have gotten worse in the last few years!
In any case, I am writing this article to help you identify minor paint patches that you usually don\'t notice or know how to detect if you don\'t know how to look.
The car fax report is really a great tool and I suggest you not to buy a car without a car.
However, a car fax report will not tell you any minor paint repairs to the vehicle.
In fact, it will only report damage to the insurance company for inspection and repair (
Or paid by the insurance company. )
So how do you judge if the dealer paid for the work of the car you were looking?
First of all, it may be quite obvious if the live painters they use are not good.
In fact, if you notice a poor repair of the paint in their batch, you should let the salesman and his manager know.
This will force these unscrupulous people to ask more qualified paint maintenance technicians to work in their parking lot.
What to look for is obvious.
To be fair, for dealers, they may have done their job to them before buying the vehicle.
However, if the vehicle is only 1-
When I was 2 years old, I could almost guarantee that the dealer who sold the car had done the work they approved and paid.
Most of the work I offer is on vehicles that dealers buy from car auctions that are only a few months old.
In fact, many of these vehicles were purchased after car rental companies sold them to car auction companies.
Having said that, you really need to check the paint work carefully.
The first thing I have to do is look at the color of the car.
Check the panel.
Does the door match the panel etc?
Also, does this car look shiny?
Are some areas more beautiful than others?
Check the bumper;
Do they match the color of the factory?
However, when you see the bumper, keep in mind that they often need to be painted even if they are only a few months old.
This is very common.
Also, it is not uncommon for the bumper to not match the paint color of the rest of the car.
Especially white pearls and some beige metal products.
This is partly because these parts may have been painted in different parts of the assembly process and in different batches of paint.
Honda and Toyota did have problems in the past.
What you are looking for is a poor quality job.
Too much texture in the paint will dim it.
Poor color matching will make the paint patch stand out like a thumb.
The best way to find and find the paint work is: walk around it and look for places where the colors and textures are inconsistent (shine).
If you notice anything, especially if you notice that an area is not as shiny as other areas, now you can look at the area from an angle and look for small spots on the surface of the paint.
Anything that stands out can be very small at times, and if it is small, look for multiple small defects.
If you notice an area that doesn\'t look right, you can gently rub the area with the inside of your hand to see if you feel any defects in the paint.
Now, if the vehicle has done a paint repair on it, this is not necessarily a bad thing, most likely it needs paint, what you are looking for is a poor quality craft.
If you buy a \"new\" used car, the dealer will spend a lot of money renovating them, so let the dealer get what they pay for and pay what they deserve!
These dealers are notorious for bargaining cheaper from their refurbished suppliers.
This is the worst thing for consumers. Here\'s why!
Let me give you an example.
Many years ago one of my Dodge dealers asked me to re-process a Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper that shouldn\'t be the bottom/coat
Clear/coat first.
Some brands of Jeeps have a textured bumper that is either dark gray or other plastic trim colors.
Other brands have been painted with bumpers to match the rest of the paint on the vehicle.
This brand has a base/coat-
Clear/coated, but the front bumper is replaced by a decorative molded bumper and is the bottom/coating-
Clean paint/coat.
Paint is peeling off.
I mean banging.
Problems with these decorative molded plastic bumpers Chrysler did not make these bases/coatings
Clear/coated, paint will not stick for a long time. (
There are some adhesion agents that can help fix the bumper, but normally this is not the way to fix the bumper. )
In any case, I told the used car manager that the paint would not stick to the bumper and that it was getting thicker in the first place, which is the most compelling evidence.
He asked me how long I could hold on and I told him my best estimate was 1-2 MONTHS!
He shouted, \"That\'s enough as long as I can get it off my land!
\"These people are liars!
They don\'t care about you, they don\'t care if you are happy or not, unless you spend a lot of money with them every year, even if you do, they are still cheats and their thoughts are different from normal humans!
They think like cheaters and cheaters.
They think you will treat them the same way. Why?
Because that\'s how their mind works.
They will cheat you and lie to you and they can\'t imagine anyone who doesn\'t work like this.
In fact, they see this as a weakness if you are honest and trusting --
They want you to be honest with them unless you work for them, but don\'t care if you lie and cheat customers.
The only thing these people care about is doing sales.
Have you heard of a 30 day refund guarantee?
You have not been in the automotive industry! ! !
Want to know why?
Did you try to return a car to the dealer after you bought it? Night Mare!
By the way, this article is not just about \"Buy Here, Pay Here\", it\'s about new car dealers at major car dealers.
I have worked for all of them, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Pontiac, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Lincoln, I have worked 90% per brand and model.
I got all sorts of unfair experiences from a used car manager asking me to bribe him every month (
Also known as kickbacks)
To the dealer who asked me to lie to the customer for them!
The dealer asked me to fix the damage they caused but did not notify the customer.
Dealers will also use dishonest unskilled painters to fight against those who work well to keep prices down.
The problem is, if you force a famous painter with technology to compromise his price (fair prices)
It destroyed the whole thing because of his job.
Because new businesses without experience cannot sustain their business at these ridiculous prices.
These people closed down, but the market price was still low because they were depressed and the market did not catch up with the actual supply and demand costs that really took root in the business.
As a result, none of the dealers received high quality repairs. Why?
Because even those repair shops that care about the work can\'t work at the price the dealer wants to charge, the work is affected.
Many dealers want to buy a bumper for $75.
It will take at least 3 hours for the correct bumper repair. The repair shop pays for all the materials, plus the labor force ,(skilled labor? )
Plus Gasoline, driving hours, etc, so learn how to find poor quality paint repairs and call the car dealer.
If there are enough people in the end to do so, it will force dealers to raise the standard of repair they expect because they know they can no longer get away with it.
However, at least educating yourself will give you some protection against the bad behavior of these unscrupulous car dealers.
Keep this in mind, if you are in the used car market, they will almost always do some renovations to them.
Do some research on car renovations so you know what to look.
Common expenses paid by car dealers for renovation: paint repair, including scratch repair and repair.
Internal repair no dent repair windshield repair wheel repair or disassembly-(
They usually only have industrial air freshener treatment, so the smell will come back later. )
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