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Which rear bumper protector guard company doing OEM?
Foshan Shunde Shen Hao Industry Co.ltd supplies OEM services. We examine your product engineering and production and/or distribution chain and identify areas of cost savings or manufacturing benefits. We provide industry-leading synthesis technologies, manufacturing capacities, and specialized experience. As a complete selection of third party and OEM solutions, we encourage the introduction of your goods to the marketplace by leveraging our production capacities.

Shen Hao Industry Co.ltd has specialized in the production of high quality for many years. Shen Hao Industry Co.ltd focuses on providing a variety of console box for customers. By combining sensors, algorithms, and ultra-fast data transfer, ShenHao universal rear bumper protector delivers a digital experience that feels as intuitive and natural as writing, drawing, or signing on paper. The product acts as a decorative trim for the car. The product has good performance in protecting users' eyes. Without frequent flickering, the product will not cause visual fatigue or shortsightedness or even dizziness. Featuring waterproofness, the product is less likely affected by splashed water.

In order to be socially responsible, we have made a plan for energy conservation and emission reduction and we will continue to carry out the plan all the time. So far, we have achieved progress in emission reduction during our production. Call now!
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